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​​Cards against Humanity is the number one favorite amongst the readers.

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The other day I was reminded of how much I love to play Scrabble.  In the time of electronic games, this game seems to be forgotten.  There is Words with Friends, but some of the words that are allowed do not even make sense.  Scrabble is the game that we would play for hours and challenging each others words.  We would make up a word once in a while and convince our opponents that indeed, pleura was truly a word.  (Oh wait, it really is).

In fact, I can tell a little on myself, I use to play it with one of my friends during our very long church services.  I had a small board with very small plastic letters.  It didn't require much room and we would set it between us and play.  I think once I forgot myself and made a word worth 55 points and said, "Yes", quite loudly.  Heads turned and I immediately said, "Amen".  Totally not at an appropriate time, but how do you come back from something like that?

Scrabble is a game with very fond memories.  If only I knew someone currently who loves to play as much as I do.  I'm sure there are a few die hard Scrabble players out there just waiting for a worthy opponent!